WordPress Plugin Installation

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Install it to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress Admin UI.
  4. Visit the Settings / Infinite Scroll page to set up the css selectors.
  5. The plugin will now work for a logged in Admin, but will be disabled for all other users; you can change this.

CSS Selector Setup

You need configure the plugin with CSS selectors that match your theme.

Content CSS Selector
The DIV that wraps around all posts. New posts will be inserted at the bottom of this DIV.
Post CSS Selector
The selector that selects all posts on a page. Each post must be surrounded by a single DIV.
Navigation links CSS Selector
This DIV contains the Next Posts and Previous Posts link.
Previous Posts CSS Selector
This A tag is what points to the 2nd page of posts.


  • Your posts need to be wrapped in divs all next to each other.
  • You need a link on your page to the next page of posts.


Can I change the number of posts loaded?
Yup. But that’s a WordPress thing. Go to Settings / Reading
Is it SEO-Friendly?
Yes all enhancements are made via javascript only, so search spiders see no difference.
Is it accessible?
Things won’t change for screen-readers. This technique degrades gracefully.
Why doesn’t it work on ____ page?
Currently, the plugin is disabled for everything but the main page, but I’ll work on enabling it for Archives, Categories, and Tags.
Does it still keep going, even at the end of the blog?
Infinite scroll is configured to die when it hits a 404 Not Found status code, so when it goes through all your archives it should hit a /page/43/ (or something) that doesn’t exist, then show a message “Congrats, you’ve reached the end of the internet.” Some wordpress themes don’t report not found pages with a 404. Try a different theme or contacting the theme author.
Do I need to edit my theme to make this work?
Probably not, nope.
Will this do form posts for get new data?
You mean it just works?
I hope so. But due to the infinitudes of wordpress installations, each case is different. Different themes and other plugins may break infinite scroll’s functionality.


This information will probably help styling.

  • <div id="infscr-page-2" class="infscr-pages"> will contain the page 2 content, etc
  • <div id="infscr-loading"> is the loading div.

178 Responses to “WordPress Plugin Installation”

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  2. Janessa Eichorst says:


  3. I am using wordpress 3.2.1
    I have used Infinite-Scroller Plug In.
    But It is not working.
    please help

  4. Bringdienste says:

    that are the informations i was looking for

  5. Hi

    I have installed correctly and it´s enabled for everybody see the scroll function, although it´s not working, try to see in http://travellerlovers.com and can you please tell me what is wrong. This is a very nice plugin and I want to try it.

    Thank you in advance


  6. Hanna Camille says:

    It seems that infinite scroll crashes IE8 when it loads.

  7. Hanna Camille says:

    WordPress crashes and I get this message.

    add_option was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.3 with no alternative available

    And about 20 rows more with error message. It seems that wordpress 3.2.1 don’t like this plugin.

  8. Huskar says:

    It’s great. I have try with wp 3.2 and It’s work. Thanks

  9. Rafael Dourado says:

    Witch callbalck function should I use to make it work with Isotope?

    I tried the one in the Isotope site but got an error because the browser did not reconize the jquery selector…

  10. Copdir says:


    […]Wordpress Plugin Installation « Infinite Scroll | jQuery plugin, WordPress plugin, interaction design pattern[…]…

  11. Thanks for the auspicious writeup. It in truth was a amusement account it. Look advanced to more introduced agreeable from you! However, how could we keep in touch?

  12. Eric Uned says:

    Thanks for the plugin! I´ve finally found it.
    Thats what i was looking for.

    Kind regards!!

  13. Lil says:

    Here is the link to the html example folks can copy from for non-WordPress sites. I needed this example myself. :)

  14. Andy says:

    Thanks for a great plugin, but what about Pages (Archives, Categories, and Tags) support?

  15. Carlos says:

    I’m having problems making it work :P

    Can someone give me an example of how I should configure it, to run, for example in the Twenty Ten WP Theme.


  16. ingridl says:

    Hi.. I want this plugin so bad. but I tried a lot of CSS Selector, but nothing worked. I`m using the Page Lines theme witch is html 5 css3 . Thanks a lot!